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Knowledgeable and Compassionate Labor and Postpartum Support

~supporting mothers and families through the birth process~

  The Portland Doula Collective is a collaboration of independent labor doulas dedicated to supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and the transition to parenthood.

~At our core~

  • We understand that there is wonder and joy in bringing your child into the world.
  • We believe that the process of birth can be transformative for both parents.
  • We understand that birth has both physical and emotional aspects.
  • We work to share our knowledge base with our clients so that they can make choices that are right for their family.
  • We support client choice and believe that it leads to higher satisfaction with the birth.
  • We believe birth can be wonderful in whichever setting you choose.
  • We are respectful of the individual needs of our families.
  • We are passionate about what we do!

~Our Training and Experience~

We have Supported:
  • unmedicated, natural labors and medicated labors
  • first time and experienced mothers
  • vaginal births, VBACs, and cesarean births (planned and unplanned)
  • twins, singletons
  • deliveries at most area hospitals as well as birth centers and home births
  • deliveries with both Obstetricians and Midwives
  • same-sex couples
  • single moms
  • teen moms
  • women and families with a history of trauma
  • women using a variety of birthing techniques including, Bradley, Birthing from within, Mindful birthing, hypnobirthing, and Rebozo support.

Our prenatal meetings are a time for us to get to know you and your preferences. We’ll share and practice comfort and relaxation techniques to get a sense of what might work best for you and your partner.  


Why Have a Doula?

Doulas provide continuous care and support throughout labor and delivery.  They are available prenatally to help the mother (and partner) prepare for the type of birth desired.  After the birth, the doula can assist with initial transitions and help the new family access any needed support.

Research has shown that having doula support can reduce the need for interventions during labor and increase the mother’s feelings of satisfaction with the birth experience.
Specifically, having doula labor support has been shown to*:

  • Decrease need for a cesarean section by 50%
  • Decrease duration of the labor by 25%
  • Decrease requests for interventions such as epidurals (by 60%) and pain medications (by 30%)
  • Decrease need for other interventions such as Pitocin (synthetic oxytocin) by 40% and the need to use forceps by 40%
  • Increase mother’s sense of self-esteem and decrease the rate of postpartum depression six weeks after the birth
  • Increase continuation of breastfeeding six weeks after the birth

Our doulas will help you gather information in preparation for your ideal birth and will support you throughout the birthing process and immediate postpartum period.

*from Klaus, Kennell and Klaus (1993) referenced in the article Doula Care: An Age-Old Process Meets the 20th Century by Naomi Bromberg Bar-Yam (IJCE 18(4) p.18-20)

The Portland Doula Collective members look forward to speaking with your about your birth support needs.